Solve team problems faster. Make change stick. 

Find new practices, experiment, analyze, engage.

Mind Settlers is a new, transformative platform to help agile change makers find and implement great practices with their teams

Find solutions to problems:

in an executable format 
you can use immediately

from many methodologies 
and frameworks

in a way that lets you 
compare your options

Increase your capacity to coach: spend less time researching and more time with your teams:


"I really like the idea that teams are able to use a rich platform where they can cherry pick different guides for different situations. " 

Benjamin Geens


"It's a repository of great tools and activities to do with your team to continue improving and learning about agile." 

Albert Valiente


"Keep up the good work! In my opinion, what you're creating is going to be epic. If you get more guides from more providers, the value of the app is indisputable. It seems strange that an app like yours wasn't developed already. " 

Laurens Bonnema

Mind Settlers helps you help others:

Share a Guide with a 
team member so they can use it

Refer your peers to Guides 
when they ask for advice

Get insight into how they 
use Guides - track their agile