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Shifting Your Mindset
Christopher Avery
The Responsibility Process shows the ways to switch from the Control Cycle into the Power Cycle. The Control Cycle is a natural reaction to..
Transform Your Sarcasm
Jürgen Knuplesch
Sarcasm is a negative and discouraging communication style. It often shows a non-agile attitude towards other people. This guide will help y..
Culture Code
Jurgen Appelo
When is the best time to think about your team culture or organizational culture? The answer is of course: now. No matter whether your team ..
Speed Boat Game
Luke Hohmann
Although most customers have complaints, few customers are genuinely “against” you or your product. Even if they express extreme frustration..
Burn Money Chart
Thomas Scholz
Reprioritization often leads to partially finished work items. Those work items have just a small chance of being prioritized again. Even if..
One-to-One Feedback
C. Neidhardt & O. Lewitz
We rarely take the chance to tell other people what we think of them. Doing that is usually scary, as everyone who’s had to give feedback (f..
Value Cards
Viktor Cessan
To help teams improve their collaboration I put together an exercise called Value cards. Value cards creates a safe space where people can e..

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