Dagny: ideas that work for my particular context

When we started up Agility Scales, we spent a lot of time interviewing people to learn about the immediate problems they're trying to solve. One agile coach's story stuck with me like glue! Here is Dagny's story - and what we're trying to do about it. - Paula Cassin 


Dagny works in a niche global tech company that's ~30 years old. She is an agile coach to 2 teams  the scrum of scrums master, and executive touch point - at the heart of what you'd call SCALE - tying teams together, facilitating the sharing of best practice. She's always looking for ways to improve teams and make work better.


Dagny goes to Agile meetups and conferences. She's looked at SaFe, Teal, and many other strategies, approaches, initiatives that have potential for her teams.



- There's no easy way to compare these solutions against a particular context

- Consultants all tell you they're the best for you!

- There isn't one universal solution that works for everyone.


As Dagny put it, "I'm already doing 40+ hours of other work, and it would take years to explore all the options and understand which solution/methodology/change has the potential to make the biggest impact for us.  Which is the best for our particular situation? That is the question that's so difficult to answer." 


With Mind Settlers we want to help solve this problem of context:

- starting with simple filters - scope, team size, expertise level required, time to complete.

- starting with ratings/reviews - get insight into what's really worked for others, capturing real life stories

- comprehensive, clear lexicon (see our first Quest on Slack - #agile taxonomy quest)

- submit natural language problem/context details when you search (smart collections)

- we intend to expand out context in ways that tap into players - we want to build it so the community provides the best tags, context, iterations.


Call to Action for Mind Settlers Players: 

What's the most important context that you personally care about? remote/face to face? large org? current mind set? Tell us about it on Slack in the Founders Club channel or
on the Trello - Ideas and Impact board.