Introducing Agile Expeditions

Agile Expeditions -
explore actionable ideas together

We’ve been looking for a way to create more community connections among our 2,500+ Slack members. We want something that is valuable to agile change-makers (like you) and aligns with our goals (crowdsourcing business agility).

So we’re starting an experiment called Agile Activity Expeditions!

Agile Activity Expeditions are:

  • Centered on a valuable activity available from the person who created it  through Mind Settlers
  • Meant to spark conversation, insights, value, and adaptation
  • Something that can be done at work pretty easily
  • Freely available to anyone who wants to participate

We’ll connect through a dedicated Slack Experiment Channel and also run a live (virtual) event with the creator.

Would you like to join our April Expedition with Wim Thielemans?

Wim has contributed a valuable activity in Mind Settlers called “Work Conversations with CACTUS,” which provides an easy-but-structured conversation format that triggers insights, authenticity and connection between people. It's good for many things, notably:

  • Find out how teams are really doing - break through facades, find out what team members want, how they work, what they care about at work.
  • Use it with job candidates to discover what really matters, and go beyond mere qualifications and past experience
  • Use it with a colleague to find out what's important to them and create genuine bonds

Head over to the expedition's Agility Scales Slack Channel #04-3_job-dialogues to find out more, sign up for the live call, and explore!