Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Alpha version of the app?

Currently the app is in alpha (Android OS) and invites are going out in waves each week.

If you’d like to receive an invitation to use the app, please join our Early Access list, as we’ll use it for our Alpha and to invite iPhone users once that version is built.

We'll send Android users an invite to join the alpha, and we'll add iOS users to the priority access list so you're first when it's available.  If you have questions please reach out to us  at 

Is Mind Settlers available on iOS for iPhone/iPad?

 Unfortunately no - for the alpha stage, Mind Settlers is built for Android OS.  Once we're to the point where we have a solid app that users love, iOS will be developed (aiming for Q3-Q4 2018).

Please sign up for early access, as this will give you priority status, plus we will provide you with web resources and on a web version that may be available sooner.  And if you happen to get an Android phone or tablet, please let us know  so we can get you an invite asap!

How can I contribute content?

Interested in sharing your ideas and content in Mind Settlers, so you can help others while tracking the impact of your ideas as the spread? Great!  We would love to share your successful strategies and practices with the community and showcase you as an author.

Fill out this typeform, and we’ll be in touch to transform your work into actionable guides that others can apply.


Where is the authoring guidelines/template?


You'll find the template (make a copy to edit) at

How do I contribute as a Content Partner?


If you or your company want to become an official content partner, showcasing branded strategies and techniques through Mind Settlers (existing partners include Gamestorming, Alistair Cockburn, Johanna Rothmnan) - we’d love to talk with you!

Please email Ceyda Erten to set up a time to discuss.

What is Impact Spheres?

Impact Spheres is a community of volunteers created by Jurgen Appelo which has a purpose to create and improve new practices, thus making a greater change in the world.

If Mind Settlers is a platform to empower experts and practitioners to share their success in a way that has visible, lasting impact, Impact Spheres is a community of these people joining forces to use the Mind Settlers platform to spread their real world, actionable ideas.

Want to join? Apply here.

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