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Mark is the word we use for an entry that you make to capture your activity, including the value delivered.

You can make a ‘mark on your agile journey’ about anything you wish. You will find the mark icon in different forms throughout the Mind Settlers adventure app.

Use marks to capture your progress on Mind Settlers journeys. You can also mark a practice or guide to capture the value it delivered.

Use marks regularly if you want to answer these kinds of questions:

How valuable are your contributions at work? Which activities are the most valuable and deserve more focus? What improvements could you make to your work processes to increase the value of your contributions?


Create Value Tracking Marks

How do you use the Mind Settlers mark feature?

How do you start 'making your marks' on your agile journey?

This Guide will walk you through it.

tag Value



Click the mark icon to start.

Find the circular mark icon. You can find it:

  1. on the 4 main screens
  2. next to practices within any journey you've started
  3. at the top of any practice, guide, video or article

Create a mark from home screen 400 px


Add a title and value score.

You'll see a screen with a Mark value grid to complete. The main compoments are the Mark Title (top) and value score (grid). These are the minimum needed to save your Mark.

Add a title and mark the square on the grid which represents the value for you/value for others. The scales is -3 to +3 (see axes).

You can also add as much detail as you like in the mark notes field.

Completing a mark step 1 1200px


Click Next and add any details you care about.

To get a richer experience, you can add much more: Journey: you can link your mark to any journey you've started. If it's already linked, this will be prefilled.

Tags: add up to 3 tags to your mark if you want to start building a record of areas you're focused on. They will show up in your profile.

Folder: organize your marks by project or subject by choosing a folder (which you create and name).

Size: keep track of your marks by size aka how much time they consumed.

Mood: track Marks by how much you liked or disliked doing it.

Visibility: change the eye icon if you'd like your Mark to be private, and only available to you. They will not show on the homescreen activity screen.

Completing a mark step 2 1200px


Record your Mark.

Now you're ready to save! Click the bar at the bottom to Record your Mark.


Success - check out your entry.

You did it! To find your mark, navigate to My Activity, locate it in your activity stream and click on it.

From here you can use the 3-dot menu (top right) to edit, delete or share.

saved mark detail