Agile Expeditions · 13. April 2018
On the live call with Wim Thielemans, we learned how and why Wim developed the work conversation CACTUS prompts, and how it can be used. Then 4 volunteers ran through the activity, so we could see it in action! After that we shared insights - the volunteers concluded it gave them great insight into their own thinking, and observers loved the structured conversational format. We've provided a link to the recordings in this article for you if you'd like to check it out.

Authors · 12. April 2018
We're happy to introduce you to one of our Mind Settlers authors, Silvio Corti - a "self-driven, lateral thinker, organizational rebel and goal-oriented agile coach," based in Switzerland.

Agile Expeditions · 10. April 2018
Agile Expeditions - explore actionable ideas together We’ve been looking for a way to create more community connections among our 2,500+ Slack members. We want something that is valuable to agile change-makers (like you) and aligns with our goals (crowdsourcing business agility). So we’re starting an experiment called Agile Activity Expeditions!

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 09. February 2018
This Practice was adapted with Steve Denning's permission from an excerpt from his new book, the Age of Agile. It includes Activity streams for each of the 3 Laws of Agile as described by Steve.

Agility Scales · 28. November 2017
When we started up Agility Scales, we spent a lot of time interviewing people to learn about the immediate problems they're trying to solve. One agile coach's story stuck with me like glue! Here is Dagny's story - and what we're trying to do about it. - Paula Cassin

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 16. November 2017
Becoming an Agile person is not down to innate talent. It is a specific set of skills that need to be learned and developed over time. Start developing yours with these step by step activities.

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 12. October 2017
Use the GROW model for one to one coaching - a step by step approach.

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 11. October 2017
The planning session is an opportunity for the executive sponsor, ambassador user and developers to contribute together to build the project map and timeline. Blitz Planning is a 'planning game' provided by Alistair Cockburn. It's a variation of a game from XP that he likes to use.

Agility Scales · 11. October 2017
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