Guides & Actionable Ideas

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 09. February 2018
This Practice was adapted with Steve Denning's permission from an excerpt from his new book, the Age of Agile. It includes Activity streams for each of the 3 Laws of Agile as described by Steve.

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 16. November 2017
Becoming an Agile person is not down to innate talent. It is a specific set of skills that need to be learned and developed over time. Start developing yours with these step by step activities.

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 12. October 2017
Use the GROW model for one to one coaching - a step by step approach.

Guides & Actionable Ideas · 11. October 2017
The planning session is an opportunity for the executive sponsor, ambassador user and developers to contribute together to build the project map and timeline. Blitz Planning is a 'planning game' provided by Alistair Cockburn. It's a variation of a game from XP that he likes to use.