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This practice is to help you create awareness in a single person, your team or your organization, that understanding and practicing is needed, not just knowledge, if you want to develop an “agile mindset”.

You probably often hear the words “we must be more agile” to succeed in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and digital world!

It is inevitable that companies will need to evolve and adapt in the face of change. The question is how?. Will it be proactive and continuous, looking to use their agility as a competitive advantage? Or reactive, only when markets dictate that change is absolutely necessary. In either situation, you must bring the agile mindset and culture into your organization. But how you do it?

Whatever you plan to enable your organization for agility -i.e. eLearning, trainings, events - just keep clearly in mind that an “agile mindset” takes more than just acquiring knowledge!

Knowing is not the same as doing. Knowledge is just the foundation and the starting point. To “do agile”, to “be agile” and get the “agile mindset”, you must be able to practice agility. The activities here help you make this idea real for others, and make them more willing to go beyond theoretical knowledge.

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Run a Backwards Brain Bicycle Session

Knowledge does not equal understanding, or doing. This is exemplified with the Backwards Brain Bicycle case. This guide is useful on every occasion or event where you think awareness about the difference between knowledge and understanding is needed.

Use the “backwards brain bicycle” video and activity to get people to understand the difference between knowledge and understanding. Then, be willing to develop their agile mindset by taking action and going beyond just theoretical knowledge.

The backwards bike concept is very basic. When you ride the bike...

...and move the handlebars to the left, the bike’s tire goes right. ...or move the handlebars to the right, the bike’s tire goes left.

I have used it successfully during jump-start sessions while forming a new team, team sessions, retrospectives, and one-to-one sessions.

Good luck!