May Expedition: The Responsibility Process

For the entire month of May, we’ll be featuring actionable videos and 30 Job Aides from Christopher Avery's "Responsibility Process."  This program brings forth practices from 20 years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership.

Christopher's work can help you improve your own performance when faced with struggle, which is the time we tend to avoid responsibility. It can also help you spot patterns when you're coaching teams and individuals and provide useful strategies.

Please explore the materials below (we'll add links throughout the month), and join  our dedicated Slack expedition channel: #04-4_responsibility-p. Ask questions, share your outcomes, and get a chance to connect with Christopher himself.

Learn more about the Responsibility Process here.

There will be four Modules:

1: The Responsibility Process: Tools

2: The Keys to Responsibility

3: Blocks to Responsibility and Overcoming Them

4: The Responsibility Process: Shifting your Mindset


(We add links below as the videos and activities go live in Mind Settlers.)